"How Did These Spokane Area Residents Lose 20, 30 Or Even 40 Pounds Of Fat
In Just 12 Short Weeks?"

Spokane Personal Trainer

If You're Sick Of Jumping From Boring Fat Loss Fads To Yo-Yo Diet Cycles...
Or If You're Just Plain TIRED Of Failing To Get The Fitness Results You Want...

...Then Take A Moment To Read This Web Page. It Might Be
The Most Important Page You Have Ever Read.

From: Zach Hunt
Location: Spokane, WA

Dear Friend,

"Can I ask you a question... which of the following
are you sick and tired of dealing with the most?"

How Would You Feel If You Didn't
Have To Worry About Any Of These?

My name is Zach Hunt and I personally know what it feel like to be out of shape. Check out this picture of what I used to look like as a teenager...

Spokane Personal Trainer

I was always the "heavy one", not really enjoying how I looked, felt or really any other part of life cause of my weight.

I kinda just existed, barely getting along in life.

I remember in January 2001 when I went back to school from winter break and none of my normal school cothes would fit....I had TOTALLY let myself go.

No matter what I did - baggy clothes, avoiding people, self-denial, or even not looking at the mirror, I couldn't bear it any longer.

It Felt Like My Weight Was Taking Control Of ME

...every day I would wake up with the same body...the same life...and the only thing to look forward to was eating.

With some spurring on from my parents I decided it was time. I knew I could do better. I knew there was more to life than just food.

I promised myself, "I am going to lose this weight and show everyone I can do this." I didn't really know what I was doing at first. I just knew I was motivated and ready for change.

I Was So Desperate I Tried EVERYTHING...

How I Got Into The Best Shape Of My Life

I had dismissed my absence of results as a sign of bad genetics. I thought, "oh well, I guess I was just cursed with bad genetics, I guess I'll never get fit and have that body like I'd always wanted."

I was ready to give up and accept my lot in life of being a "heavy" person.

Still deep down inside me I knew there had to be a way.

Something I was missing, something I was doing completely wrong. I wanted to find out what those "insider secrets" were.

I literally spent HUNDREDS of hours during the next 3 years of my life doing continuous study. Devouring nearly everything I could find. Night after night, reading, learning, digesting the information out there to figure out the truth..

One thing I found was, there are so many outright lies, and so much misinformation that finding the truth was often difficult.

The Little Known AND Never Talked About Truths
The So-Called "Experts" In The Fitness Industry
Don't Want You To Know About

I was shocked with all the misinformation out there. The fads, the pills, the gimmicks, the potions, lotions and creams, you name it. Whatever the proposed 'solution' - their purpose is to get you to buy their product - nothing further.

You Have Been Deceived, Lied To, AND Cheated By These Unscrupulous Weight Loss Corporations

Here's the facts...

Truth #1 - The weight loss industry in this country is huge! Americans Spend Billions On Weight-Loss Products Not Regulated By The Government each year all leading to disappointment and discouragement.

Truth #2 - Weight loss industries and companies want you to buy their product. They want you to fall for their advertisements. They want you to blame yourself when their product doesn't work. They want you to feel miserable about yourself and continue to buy their diet products.

Truth #3 - There is no miracle product out there. The allure of an "easy" or "effortless" solution attracts the desperate dieter waiting for that next breakthrough. Again ending in failure.

Truth #4 - There is no external solution. The only solution to permanent health and fitness is a proven and effective fitness program along with a solid nutrition system that produces undeniable results.

You have been lied to again and again by these big industries again and again.

How I Lost Nearly 100 Pounds

Over the coming months I amassed my knowledge of fitness, nutrition and I finally did it.

I got into great shape and felt amazing!

I ended up dropping loads of fat, sculpting my body into lean hard muscle, and improving the quality of my life ten-fold (or maybe even 100 times)...

I got into mind-blowing shape. I got into better physical shape than I ever thought possible. Shocking family and friends. Just look at the type of results I got.....

Hardly Anyone Believed I Could Lose ALL That Fat...

...But I Showed THEM

Yep, that's me, in both of the pictures sets to the right...

I'm finally living life to its fullest. I wake up happy, go through the day happy and go to bed happy. My social life is better. Let's just say EVERYTHING is better.

That's not even the half of it...

I'm more confident, stand taller and have endless energy. And best of all I can fit into clothes I haven't been able to since I was practically in elementary school.

And here's the best part...

Let's just say when I look in the mirror I'm not disappointed with what I see!

And Here's Where It Gets Weird...

What I discovered was really a breakthrough. People practically pleaded with me to help them lose their love handles or drop their extra weight.

In fact, they practically begged me to share with them the same techniques I used to melt fat off my body and totally reshape how I look and feel.

How Were These Results Possible?

With so many people going about fitness the wrong way, sometimes using absurd and downright dangerous methods, exercises and solutions peddled by the weight loss industries, I decided it was time...

I wanted to help others do the exact same I had done. Transform their body and live a better life.

At first I was hesitant, as I had heard so many bad things and outright horror stories about personal trainers and how they have managed to cheat people and even sometimes leave them in worse shape.

Hearing stories about trainers talking on their cell phones during the workout, checking out the opposite sex, being late for appointments, making fun of their clients, and the list goes on...

I Was Absolute Shocked At The Gutter
Quality Trainers And What They Did

I really couldn't believe what else I came across...

I Refused To Let The Few 'Rotten Apples'
Set A Poor Image For Fitness Trainers

At first I thought about getting a job at a national club or big chain gym. But after hearing about the horrors and poor business practices. I ran the other way...

... in record time with the most simple (yet effective) body transformations principles out there.

And help people who are tired of the gimmicks and junk peddled by the weight loss industries and show them how to...

...quickly and permanently drop unwanted fat and transform their body.

It was incredible.

That's why it works so well. Because being out of shape most of my life II know what it takes to get results...

...my training program takes a radically different approach compared to those that have been bestowed superior genetics.

The trainers who have always been in shape simply can't relate to this.

Most Everyone I Worked With Got Similar Results

What's really cool is a lot of the people I train had lost hope and confidence that it was possible.

They never believed they could achieve such incredible results...yet they did, quite literally blowing away their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Can you imagine how they feel?

"The Physzique Fitness Formula
May Have Worked Too Well..."

When I started to achieve such superior results with my clients. I knew I had to spread the word.

So I started helping local media and even national outlets spread the fitness truth.

I've been published in numerous magazines, I've even been the host of my own radio show: "Fitness Truth Radio".

I've been on national radio talking about the nation's outlook on health, I've been

on every local news channel helping to clear the confusion out there...

... from all the diet books, infomercials and outright lies from those unscrupulous weight loss marketers.

Below are all just a few small samples from various TV segments out of many I've done on local TV and media.

spokane fitness news segments


Finally...The Spokane Muscle-Toning, Body-Shaping, Thigh-Reducing, Stomach-Flattening Solution
You've Been Looking For

Here's What Physzique is about:

  1. Showing You What Exercises To Do And How To Properly Perform Them (Without Injuring Yourself) - Knowing what to do and how to do it is half the battle. After all no one wants to injure a muscle, tendon or joint 1 week into an exercise program. Be bed-ridden for a solid month, then give-up on fitness afterward.

  2. Creating A Fun And Fast Paced Environment To Workout - Let's face it, if you don't look forward to your workouts, therae's a good chance you won't continue. so we like to spice up the workouts with a fun and light-hearted environment.

  3. Push You Beyond What You Could Ever Do On Your Own - Working out on your own is one thing, then working out with like-minded peers along with a fitness coach pushing you is another. We push you and motivate you beyond what you could ever do on your own - so you can make sure every day is a good day.

And here's what most of our clients achieve:

Is This Really Going To Work?

Let me tell you, I understand any skepticism you may have. With all that junk and outright deception out there, how are you supposed to break free of the confusion...

... and find someone you can trust to tell you the truth about real, lasting weight loss and fitness results?

If you're like most people I meet, you're probably worried about what types of food you should be eating to burn the most fat. Low-carb, low-fat, low-whatever - are they the way to go?

Perhaps your confused about the best types of exercise you should be doing to burn the most fat possible in the shortest amount of time.

And believe me.... this is just the beginning!

The above are frequent concerns that most of my Spokane Personal Training clients start with. Don't worry, I've filtered through all the junk out there, the hype, the deception, the outright lies.

Here's What To Do Next...

All you need to do is reserve your spot for training at Physzique... and blast away stubborn belly-fat for good...

We'll call you right away to answer any questions and schedule your initial trial of the Physzique Transform System so you can get going as fast as possible.

The only way this will work is if you truly want to get in best shape of your life.

Here's What You Get With The Physzique Transform Program:

With every level of Physzique membership you get everything you need to transform your body in record time. The 3 levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver are custom designed to fit your specific needs whether it be accelerated results, rapid progress or long-term maintenance.

Here's The Down And Dirty Facts: For a low monthly investment you get on the fasttrack to fat-blasting workouts, cutting-edge nutritional guidance and support from Spokane's Top Fitness Professional.

All this for the price of what you would throw away on eating out and your latte each day.

Here's What Most Of Our Clients Achieve

  • Increased energy, strength and liveliness to go through every day full force
  • A tighter, firmer, toned body (have the arms, legs & thighs you've always want)
  • A Faster, Ramped-Up Metabolism to burn calories all day (even at rest)
  • Flatter abs with a toned waistline (the body part that makes you look truly fit)
  • They lose 7-15 pounds of fat in the first 30 days of working out
  • They drop of 3-6% body fat in the first 12 weeks
  • Look and feel ten or even twenty years younger
  • Increased muscle tone and confidence in how you look (be proud of your body)
  • Sleep better, enjoy life more, and boost your productivity through the roof
  • Decreased stress, anxiety and worrisome feelings
  • Look and feel better in the clothes you want to wear!
  • Reduce cravings for that junk food (fats, sugars) that leaves you feeling horrible
  • Decreased joint pain, back discomfort and weight load on your knees
  • A sharpened mind, focused motivation and a renewed joy in life!
  • They lose 1-3 dress sizes in their first month
  • The Truth About How to Make Rapid, Measurable Improvements In Your Body

Claim Your Spot At Physzique Now and get
the inside scoop on how to lose fat Now!

Please call us at 509-891-7886 to get your 1 day trial at Physzique


What I offer is a lot different than what you may traditionally think of when it comes to Spokane Personal Training. I like to think of myself as a Spokane Body Transformation Coach...

...guiding you along every step of the way. To help you transform you current body into that body you have always desired.

Let me ask you - do you want workouts or do you want results?

Do you want just random workout programs that will leave you hanging or do you want someone who guides you along every step of the way...

... who cares about your results and truly wants to help you get in the best shape of your life.

Take a look at the videos below of what some previous Physzique clients have to say about our programs and their results, and best of all see what you can expect.

Here's Some Real Results From Our Clients


"I've Lost 53.2 lbs and Feel Like a New Person"

"I was a size 14 when I started and getting bigger. Now, for the first time in my life, I am a size three!!! I actually bought a pair of shorts the other day that were a two! Who knew that was ever a possibilty?!

I am now considered a "skinny girl" which is something I have never been nor ever imagined I would be. I'm so stoked on how great i look and how confident I am now!. Thanks Zach! I truly never thought i would look this good in my life!"

- Sunny Schmig - Server

"I Lost 29 lbs of Fat, 7 Inches Off
My Waist And One Unhappy Look"

- Annette Mather - Spokane, WA

"After Losing 43 Pounds My Friends Started Calling Me The Incredible Shrinking Woman"

"When I first started working with Zach, I walked in the door just 3 pounds short of 200 pounds. That's the most I've ever weighed in my life. It was awful, and I was desperate.

I knew the things I needed to do, but in my life the weight just kept creeping on and creeping on. I would goto the gym and do my half-hour on the cardio and half-hour on the weights and kept wondering why I was getting any results. And finally I realized I must be doing something wrong.

I did a lot of research and found Zach's name, and he helped me put everything together. He showed me how to exercise right, how to eat correctly. I've since lost 43 pounds. It's helped everything in my life. It's the best decision I've ever made. I couldn't be happier.

I just think that anyone who finally wants to put everything together in life and get the results you've always wanted should definitely see Zach. I'm down From a Size 18 To a Size 10. I like the way i look and my husband loves the way i look. For 20 years I tried, and nothing worked until I came to Physzique.

It's been worth every penny I've spent. I love coming here. Now that I've lost the weight I've been able to do things I've always wanted, like I just did this last month a 60 mile walk for breast cancer. Those were things I never could have done before. And that's huge to me.

- Laurie Kearnes - Mom

"I Lost 39 lbs of Fat, 8 Inches Off My
Waist, And Now Down To Just One Chin"

- Dave Mather - Police Lieutenant

"My Pants Fit Better And Some Are Falling Off"

"I'm super excited, I've lost quite a bit of body fat  and can definitely see a big difference in my muscle tone in my arms and how my body looks.

In the past on my own I would just end up hitting a plateau and not pushing myself at all. You being here has been critical, cause you always push me and motivate me to get every ounce of benefit out of my workouts. You make the workouts lots of fun, and you customize the workouts to everyone's strength level and what they can handle, even for a total beginner, I don't see why anyone wouldn't be a part of this, cause they're just missing out."

- Taylor Hicks - Sonographer

"I've Lost 21.4 Pounds... Went From a Size 13 To a Size 7... And Now Need a New Wardrobe"

"When I first met with Zach I told him what I was looking for, and what I wanted my body to look like. With his constant support, motivation and accountability I knew I was bound to suceed this time as I wasn't alone.

Within the first month people at work and my husband noticed the difference in the weight loss and told me how good I was looking. Not only do I feel better physically, but emotionally I feel soo much better about myself. I know for me this has been life changing.

I always knew I needed to do something about my weight, I just didn't know how until I met Zach.......Thank you!!! This is the first summer I've actually felt good about myself. You are the best.

- Julie Kracht - Registrar

"I Am 41 lbs Lighter and In Better Shape Than In High School When Playing Varsity Sports"

"Physzique has been a life changer for me. You really don't realize what that extra weight does to your body. Now that I am 41 pounds lighter I now see how much it affected me. I was unhappy, had no confidence, and just didn't like who I had become. Not to mention I had joint pain and physical injuries from being overweight.

I can't express enough how much better I feel. Zach has helped me break the chains of being overweight that bound me for so many years. I am now in better shape than what I was in high school playing varsity sports. I went from 183.6 pounds to now a lean 142 pounds. Last but not least I feel good about me. I now have the self-confidence I needed to pursue my dreams and live a much happier life."

- Tim Raczek - Software Engineer

"I've Lost 37 lbs of Fat... I'm Constantly Getting Compliments On How Amazing I Look"

"For years I've been unhappy and self conscious about how I look. I've tried a ton of the latest 'diet remedies' and ridiculous exercises that never worked. I didn't feel like myself anymore and felt like a failure for letting myself go so far. I found myself at the end of my rope when I couldn't even do one pushup! That was my wakeup call! If I wanted to change I knew I needed help!

I got online to look for help in Spokane, cause I knew I couldn't do it on my own, that I would get discouraged and give up again, like my several attempts before. That was when I came across the Physzique website and found Zach's story. I became uniquely inspired reading Zach's story, feeling a sense of hope that if he can do it, then so can I.

I didn't know what to except from Zach's program, I was scared and excited at the same time. It was very difficult at first, but as I continued to work with Zach the pounds started to melt off! I couldn't believe it….I was not only loosing weight but I was starting to take on an amazing figure. I look better than I did in high school!

My confidence went through the roof and not only did I notice the difference in myself, my faimly did as well, along with my friends and coworkers. I'm constantly getting compliments on how amazing I look and that is the best feeling in the entire world... the feeling of accomplishment. I've lost 37 pounds and learned to live a healthy life that I plan on living forever. Thank you Zach!"

- Sarah - Sushi Chef

"I Went From Being a 168 lb Candy Corn
To Now Being a 122 lb Sexy Pirate"

"I came to Zach cause I wanted to lose weight and feel good about my body and appearance again. I wanted quick results and I knew what I was doing just wasn't going to cut it. I did some research on Zach before I came in and found him to be the best solution in the Spokane area.

The workouts are very challenging and very effective. I'm so proud of myself. I lost 46 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 5. I have a lot more energy, I don't just sit on the couch anymore. I get a lot of compliments from friends and my parents and have a lot more energy to do stuff with my kids.

If you're looking for fast and effective results signing up with Physzique is definitely the way to go to keep you accountable and consistent and show you exactly what you need to do to get the best results possible. I'm a lot more happy with my appearance and I Love the way I feel."

- Maria Norby - Server

"Exactly What I Needed To Take
My Body To The Next Level"

"I've always been fairly fit but I knew I needed some help to take my body to the next level. You guys seemed like the perfect fit and in the end you certainly did not disappoint.

Thanks to you guys, I have a ton of energy, smokin' abs, and a rockin' beach body.

Your workouts were always fun, very different and varied so I never got bored like I have in the past with other personal trainers who just keep doing the same old thing week after week. I always leave the training studio feeling exhilarated and of course with a smile cause I know I'm doing my body good.

I recommend everyone give it a try and you'll be hooked. It will be the best time and money you've ever invested into your life."

- Heather Cook - Promotions Manager


Are You Ready For 'Your'
Spokane Fitness Success Story?

How is it possible to achieve such great results? Let me share with you....

When you know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how much and everything else that goes into the fitness puzzle...

...when you know every single thing you need to do, getting in great shape is not hard.

The Physzique Transform System workouts are done in Semi-Private training sessions (average 4-8 people at a time).

This means we work you through intense full body workouts in a fun, fast-paced and supportive environment that near ensures your success.

In most traditional personal training 1-on-1 style, the client and trainer spend a whole lot of time talking about personal stuff, and quite frankly too much time wasting and resting are going on.

Why pay more for someone to just count your reps and watch you rest?

If you need someone to talk for an hour - please hire a psychologist or therapist, but if you want real and lasting fitness results then keep reading.

What Most Personal Trainers Don't Want You to Know...

Most Spokane Personal Trainers charge between $60-$70 per session. And with the old slow-paced 1-on-1 model of training, you may need to schedule 3, 4 or even 5 sessions a week just to see the results you'd expect.

This can seriously cut into your budget, or possibly eliminate the possibility that you can participate in any training.

The Physzique system and workouts are so effective we start clients out with only 2-3 sessions per week.

And with the semi-private model were able to pass a dramatic savings onto you - not to mention the unheard of fitness results.

With the Physzique Semi-Private workouts, you'll not only enjoy the supportive attitude of you're like minded workout partners, but you'll also benefit from the social support of your peers to take your efforts to the next level.

And one of the best parts is the extra motivation and positive energy the others bring to the workout environment...

...no one wants to be a slacker when everyone else is putting in their full effort.

Add to this the professional instruction, guidance and top-notch workouts and you have a recipe to whip your body into shape in a hurry.

This just isn't possible with the old one-on-one personal training model.

Find Out How You Can Achieve Real, Visible And
Lasting Results Without Risking A Single

When you're ready to discuss everything that is possible for you to achieve and how you can reach your fitness goals in the fastest time possible...

...then I would love to talk with you.

Fill out the form below to schedule your Free Ultimate Results Private Fitness Consultation with Spokane's Top Personal Trainer and see how you can finally achieve your fitness goals.

Just one session and you'll discover why Physzique clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals so quickly...

...and why Physzique is THE clear choice when it comes to personal fitness training in the Spokane, WA area.

See How The Physzique Transform System Stacks
Up Against Other Spokane Fitness Solutions


“9 Good Reasons Why You'd Be Crazy Not To Give
The Physzique Transformation Formula A Shot!”

  1. Accountability: We educate, support and guide you every step of the way, applying just the right amount of pressure to make sure you follow through!

  2. Science: There’s NO gimmicks - our system is based on strengthening your muscles (to get your metabolism revved up!), cardiovascular exercise (to burn more calories!) and nutrition (to keep your metabolism stoked!)

  3. Track Record: We’ve helped numerous other folks just like you successfully lose weight, look great and feel like a million bucks. Follow our system and you’ll get the same!

  4. Motivation: We know how to get you going FAST and keep you going, so the results come quickly!

  5. Coaching: You’re coached and trained by trainers who actually care about your results and want you to suceed and help to keep you accountable!

  6. Structure & Consistency: Let’s face it, this is where the breakdown almost always occurs. We keep you on track, moving forward, so you see and feel the results quickly.

  7. Customization: Your program is created for YOU, based on what YOU need, ensuring you reach your goals quickly and with 100% certainty!

  8. Efficiency: We know you’re busy, we get you in and get you out, at your convenience, so you can continue with your day

  9. You Are Not Alone Anymore: Going it alone doesn’t work, Physzique does!


Yes! Zach I'm Finally Ready For The Solutions That Will
Shed Unwanted Fat From My Body Once And For All?

Yes! I'm ready for the solutions that will shed fat from my body!

Yes! I want to look and feel better than I ever have!

Yes! I want to be more attractive and command confidence

Yes! I want health, abundance energy and increased self-esteem

Yes! I want fun, motivating and intense workouts that will whip my body into shape whether I like it or now...

Yes! I want a trainer who is qualified, educated, likeable, and willing to push me further than I could ever possibly go on my own.

Yes! I want to put the turbo-booster on my metabolism by sculpting lean-toned muscle that will charge up my fat-burning.

Yes! I want to be thrilled with finally fitting into smaller size clothes

Yes! I want affordable rates.

Yes! I want to make a Permanent change in my life and live every single day with my new body...


At this moment in your life you stand at a crossroads...

fitness in spokane waYou now have a choice of two options...

spokane fitnessYou can either click away, because you'd rather continue to live your current life with your current body perhaps for the rest of your life. That is of course up to you, and I wish you well in your journey. (It took me 11+ years to discover all of the things I want to help you with right now.


personal trainer spokane

Zach Hunt
Spokane Personal Trainer
Physzique Fitness Training
Spokane, WA

(Sometimes we're all busy training clients and you may have to leave a message...worry we'll call you back almost immediately. Usually within 1-3 hours. We can then talk about what your hoping to accomplish.)

Here's What To Do Right Now...

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