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Frequently Asked Questions About The
Physzique Personal Training Services

Ready To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life With Personal Training In Spokane And Have A Few Questions First. Here Are The Answers

Q. Why do I need a personal trainer?

There's only one reason you would want to work with us - results. Whether your looking for guidance and support through a complete fitness plan, motivation to continue week after week or just the extra push during your workouts.

We like to think of it more as Spokane Fitness Coaching rather than Spokane Personal Training. We're here to guide you along every step of the way from where your body and health are right now, to that ideal body and health you have in your mind.

We're here to answer all your questions, address all your concerns and help you achieve that body and life you have always wanted, and with our help we guarantee you will get there. Do you want to get started now? Get your Ultimate Results Fitness Consult...

Q. I've tried countless diets before and always fail, how will this possibly work?

Countless Physzique clients have come to us because they are either confused or frustrated because their current plan or half-hazard approach is not working. There's only one reason you may have failed in the past - you were using the wrong approach.

Really, it wasn't your fault, it was the fault of whoever created the program as it failed to address every component of a complete fitness program. Here at Physzique we do just that - address every area needed to whip your body into shape as fast as possible.

Q. Will you help me with my nutritional habits?

Yes, the Physzique Transform Program includes the Max-Results Nutritional Coaching component. Physzique believes in helping you in every way possible to get to that body you desire. Nutrition is a factor if not essential for your fitness success.

The Max-Results Nutritional coaching component will help clear any previous confusion and layout how to properly eat for maximum fitness results in minimum time.

Q. How can you guarantee results?

Simple, we know what we do works. The only factor is whether or not you really want to reach your fitness goals. We know one thing for sure, if you follow our workouts and guidance and the Max-Results nutritional program you will get results - period..

Often times people try to blame their lack of results on an "excuse", whether that be bad genetics, conditions, lack of time or anything else. The real reason is the wrong approach: severe calorie restriction, excessive cardio, wrong types of food; these are just a few reasons people may fail.

We're here to fix that. In other words we'll help you understand why you have not been getting your desired results and steer you in the right direction. Really you could call us fitness problem solvers.

When you know what to do, and do it, losing weight is a simple process. We'll help you follow get results you are after using our Physzique Transform System.

Q. How long do the workouts last?

The workouts usually last between 40 and 50 minutes, which includes some coaching on nutrition and motivation and accountability checkup.

Q. How much will it cost?

Our rates are very affordable. Depending on what level of program you are looking for will determine the investment. After speaking with most clients, you'll find that the tiny investment now saves hundreds if not thousands of dollars over buying useless exercise equipment, gym memberships and diet products that just don't work.

Q. How long will it take for me to see results?

If you are fully committed to your fitness plan and don't hang out in buffets every other afternoon you'll see progress within one week. While it also depends on how frequent you are working out with a Physzique trainer, however, if you are following the plan and sticking to your nutrition program expect to see significant progress toward your goals within 4-8 weeks.

Depending on how far have to go and to what level you would like to get also plays a roll. Obviously if you want to lose 100 pounds, 4-8 will bring significant progress, but it may still take much longer to reach your ultimate goal.

Q. I hired a personal trainer before and all we did was go from machine to machine and count reps, is that what you do?

Definitely no. Here at Physzique we guide you along through your quest for fitness, remember we're not just personal trainers, we're fitness coaches. It's not about just training you and then leaving you in the dust afterward.

We're here to answer your nutrition questions, educate you in the most effective exercise, motivate you to continue going and keep you accountable to that plan. With our help you'll avoid the confusion, the gimmicks, and the outright lies from the diet and weight loss industries.

Q. How many days a week should I meet with my trainer?

That depends on your goals and current level of fitness. For most people 2 or 3 times per week is just about right to see progress at an accelerated pace.

Q. Do I need to do any other workouts on my own?

You may receive some additional guidance and workout plans from your trainer, which may include cardio training, stretching and focus on nutritional habits. Additional workouts outside of the Physzique Training Sessions is definitely encouraged to see maximal results from your overall fitness plan.

Q. Should I just buy an exercise video first?

Many Physzique clients came to us after having little or no success with infomercial products exercise videos and power pills. Exercise videos can be a great cardiovascular component of an overall fitness program, however they fail to address 2 of the most important components of a complete fitness program that will get you fat reducing results.

If you've failed with exercise videos in the past, Schedule your Ultimate Results Fitness Consult... session and we'll talk about getting you the results you deserve.

Q. Do I need to get a membership to a gym?

Not at all, we'll help you understand how to get an effective fat burning cardiovascular workout from your home using nothing but your body. But if you do want to use more traditional machines such as treadmills, stair climbers or bikes and you don't have those at your home, a gym membership may be worthwhile.

Again, the traditional forms of cardio are not necessarily the most effective to help you reduce your waist and body fat. We'll help you understand what is the most effective cardio training to burn fat fast.

Q. Isn't cardio better for burning off fat?

Some people try doing endless hours of cardio before they come to us for help. You've seen it before the heavy aerobics instructor or the heavy nurse who walks all day long. The numerous people lined up on the treadmills who aren't reaching their goals.

While cardio can certainly be an important part of an overall fitness program, without the strength training component to help develop lean muscle tissue, excessive cardio will drop your metabolism.

Really the most effective way to drop fat is through developing lean muscle tissue which helps you burn fat 24 hours a day. We'll help guide you through a proper strength training program that will develop lean muscle tissue.

Q. Where is the Physzique Studio located?

1611 N Molter Rd.
Liberty Lake, WA 99019

Coming from I-90 West:

  1. Take Liberty Lake Exit 296
  2. Continue straight on Appleway Ave.
  3. Turn right on Molter Rd.
  4. Continue down road until you see large gray building on right side
  5. The Physzique entrance is located on the South side of that building

Coming from I-90 East:

  1. Take Liberty Lake Exit 296
  2. Turn left on Harvard Rd./ Liberty Lake Rd.
  3. Turn left on Appleway Ave.
  4. Turn right on Molter Rd.
  5. Continue down road until you see large gray building on right side
  6. The Physzique entrance is located on the South side of that building

Q. How can I get started?

Schedule your Free Fitness-Fast-Track session using the form below, and we'll talk about how you can reach your fitness goals in the fastest time possible using the Physzique Transform technology.

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