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How I Went From This....................To This

spokane personal trainer in young years
fit spokane personal trainer
Me in my teen years - approaching 250+ lbs.
Me currently - solid & strong.

Dear Friend & Fitness Enthusiast,

Yep, that's me, up there in both of the pictures.
I find it hard to believe just how heavy I looked back then and how horrible I felt about it. My self confidence was not there, my joy wasn't there, I just didn't enjoy life at that weight.

You see growing up quite heavy most of my younger years topping out at nearly 300 pounds in high school, I realize the effects that weight can have on you.

Not just your health, not just your wealth, but your total life. It affects your goals, your outlook on life, your aspirations, your energy levels - nearly everything.

Weight doesn't just affect your life - it dominates your life.

That's why my personal goal is to help you gain control of your life and live your best life possible with a body that you are truly proud of.

When you know what to do, when you know what works and why, losing weight is as easy as ever, but that's the trick, you have to know what to do.

I know I can help you achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals. I would love the chance to prove it to you through my complimentary Fitness-Fast-Track Consultation.

I just want to show you that I'm serious about this. I have dedicated my whole life to the continual education and helping of others to achieve their fitness goals in the quickest time possible.

That's Why I Started Physzique - Spokane's Premier
Personal Fitness Coaching & Training Service

To help clear the confusion, and help you transform your body in the quickest time possible. See more about our Guaranteed Spokane Fitness services...

I look forward to talking with you.


Committed to your fitness success,

Zach Hunt, B.S., NSCA-CPT
Owner/Fitness Director - Physzique

More About Spokane Fitness Coach Zach Hunt

Zach Hunt is the owner and head fitness coach of Physzique, a personal fitness coaching and training service for serious clients who want serious results, located near Spokane in Liberty Lake, WA.

A graduate of Eastern Washington University, Coach Zach multiple degrees in Exercise Science and Health Promotion & Wellness as well as a minor in Business Administration, all from Eastern Washington.

After graduating from EWU, Coach Zach dedicated himself to helping others live their best lives possible, with their best body possible. He started Physzique, Spokane's premiere Private Studio fitness coaching company for those sick and tired of not achieving results

Coach Zach Hunt guides people through the confusion of the media and the plethora of diet books and shows them the absolute truth about diet and weight loss, addressing all aspects needed for a complete fitness program. This unique approach allows for excellent results and a high degree of success with all Physzique clients.

Coach Zach Hunt is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, coach and consultant. He diligently works day in and day out with professionals, corporations and organizations showing them how to incorporate fitness into their busy lifestyles.


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