A Guide To Eating Cake Spokane And Getting Fit At The Same Time: Is It Possible? Read This...

How You Can Eat Spokane Cake And Get
In The Best Shape Of Your Life...FAST

Even If You've Failed Before, Even If You've Tried It All, Even If You've Given Up And Failed Dozens Of Times - You Can Still Get Into Awesome Shape Eating Spokane Cake

So you've been disciplined - you haven't eaten too many Spokane Cakes and you're Spokane fitness efforts have been rewarded with health, a firmer body, increased confidence, as well as energy.

When Can You Eat Your Favorite Spokane Cakes?

When is the time to enjoy your favorite foods, Spokane Cake, and desserts - without the following guilt or feeling of regret?

A few years back I went on a 1-week vacation with my family. This 7 day hiatus from and work and discipline was the perfect time to break my patterns of healthy eating and exercise.

I decided to really enjoy myself on this vacation and just completely relax - I mean all the way (Yes that means Spokane Cakes galore).

I had no problem adjusting to the overeating and lack of exercise. It was great fun - at least temporarily!!

After following 7 days of this glutinous way of life, Spokane Cakes and candies and pies......

Not only had I graduated to the next size of pants, I had firmly attached an additional 37 pounds of to my body.

Moral of the story, don't do that. You can eat your favorite Spokane Cakes - just don't over do it.

As a Spokane personal trainer this is what I suggest for how to go about it the proper way.....

Make eating healthy eating and regular exercise the rule in your life.

As you know there are always exceptions to the rule no matter the subject matter - and yes this does include eating and exercise (Even Spokane Cakes)..

When you make healthy eating and exercise the rule, the occasional Spokane Cake or other exceptions are not a cause for vexation.

Let me clarify that, if you make fitness your normal habit, the occasional outside pattern or desert or treat, such as a Spokane birthday cake, Spokane wedding cake or even a Spokane party cake, will not ruin your body.

As long as you always come back to the original rule, and not change the rule as you go along.

Really, a few deserts each week, a few Spokane cakes, a few mishaps and even a couple of missed exercise sessions will not hurt you, as long as those are the exceptions (The less frequently visited options).

Say that you eat 28 times a week - 5 meals a day each day of the week.

If you allow a 10% exception rule that allows for about 3-4 meals of less-than-optimal eating each week, that can be Spokane Cake, desserts, candies, anything you like (in moderation)..

When you engage in an "exception meal", don't eat enough for the next 3 days worth, just eat the same amount of calories and portions of food as normal, except this time it's in the form of your favorite foods or Spokane Cakes.

Make a healthy way of life the rule rather than the exception - and you can enjoy that occasional treat without a trace of guilt.

That is your guide to eating Spokane Cake and staying fit.

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