Are You Getting The Best Spokane Fitness Soltuion By Going To Gold's Gym In Spokane?

The Straight Truth About National Chain
Clubs Like Golds Gym Spokane?

Why National Health Clubs & Gyms Such As Golds Gym Spokane May Not Be The Best Option If You Really Want To Achieve Your Fitness Goals - Permanently!!

Many Spokane fitness seekers look at a national fitness chain such as Gold's Gym In Spokane as a great option for their fitness needs. Sadly, these hyped fitness centers fail to provide the best fitness solution to their overcharged members.

Spokane Gold's Gym Is Not An Even Exchange

By going to a Spokane chain of Gold's Gym, you will be receiving an uneven exchange. While you will pay the gym service a lot of money for their Spokane fitness services, you will receive far less in return. Unlike a Spokane personal trainer, you will not be receiving the best end of the trade.

Spokane Gold's Gym Plays Into The Fitness Stereotype

Gold's Gym is one of the many national chains that use stereotypes to advertise to the residents of Spokane.

For example, they make it seem that achieving a top of the line body (as seen in their commercials) is an easy process that a Gold's Gym employee can help you achieve in a little amount of time.

In reality, as a Spokane personal trainer would tell you, there is more to this process as the commercials lead you to believe.

Spokane Fitness Specialization For Ultimate Results

A personal fitness trainer will be more specialized in the fitness trade than a hired employee at Gold's Gym. The requirements for employment at a place such as Gold's Gym of Spokane are low compared to the credentials of an independent Spokane personal trainer.

The reason for this is that the Spokane personal fitness trainer has to work harder to show that his or her service is better than that of a national corporation such as Gold's Gym.

Spokane Golds Gym Downfall #1: A Spokane Personal Trainer Is Safer

Believe it or not, it is safer to enlist the services of a personal trainer in Spokane than to use the services of Gold's Gym.

Of course the last item was thrown in as a laugh but it is true. The price that you will have to pay for the service of Gold's Gym is deadly compared to the price that you will have to pay a Spokane personal trainer.

Spokane Golds Gym Downfall #2: There Is No Commitment To A Spokane Personal Trainer

Unlike a place such as the Gold's Gym of Spokane or any other Spokane Gym, Spokane Health Club, or Spokane Fitness Center you will not have to make a commitment to a Spokane fitness trainer.

If you are unhappy with the services of the fitness trainer, then you can quit using their service. On the other hand, you will still have to pay for a full month (or year) membership to Gold's Gym even if you are unhappy with the service and have no plans to visit the Spokane Gold's Gym location again.

Spokane Golds Gym Downfall #3: Spokane's Gold's Gym Cannot Compete With A Spokane Personal Trainer

Even though a company such as the Gold's Gym of Spokane has more resources than a personal trainer in Spokane, it is unable to compete with that personal trainer. A Spokane fitness trainer manages to use their resources more efficiently, giving you better results and allowing you to reach your fitness goals faster than that of a company such as Gold's Gym that doesn't want you to reach your fitness goals so that you will continue to pay to use their expensive service.

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