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Spokane Nutritionist Secrets Revealed:
Progression Vs. Perfection

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As a Spokane Nutrition expert and Spokane Nutritionist I am constantly asked, "what should i eat to lose weight", "what should I eat to get six pack abs", "what should I eat to "lose my love handles."

Here's a quick Spokane Nutritionist story:

A number of weeks ago I took a break from being a Spokane Nutritionist. and I was out of the town with my family on a nice little mini-vacation.

This was just 3 days, but I still had quite a bit of time to just sit and think.

As a Spokane Nutrition & Fitness expert I often times I try to think of ways to improve my training, or improve my business, or how I handle my schedule each day.

Sometimes I just can't relax one bit until I have it just so or near perfect in my mind, whatever it was I was trying to figure out at that moment.

One thought that did occur to me and I want to share it with you here is:

"As long as I'm improving, that's all I can do.

As long as I'm working toward that final goal of having things just right - I'm doing my best.

I can't do any more than my best.

I can't force the sand in an hourglass to go any faster by worrying about if or constantly obsessing with it.

That reminds me of just how Spokane nutrition and fitness is. No matter where you're at right now, as long as you are improving, you are doing just fine.

The problem comes when you don't do anything and still expect change.

So please don't obsess with perfection - focus on improvement! (or progression as suggested in the title of this article)

After all, any improvement is better than going in reverse. Think about it this way, even if you were to lose just 1 ounce each week - just 1 ounce (that's certainly easy), in 1 year that's 3.25 pounds.

I know that sounds pitiful, but it's progress.

Wouldn't you rather have that than 0 pounds or perhaps +10 pounds on the scale.

I hope you work on improving at least 1 habit, or 1 action this week that will bring at least slight improvement toward your ultimate fitness goals.

As a Spokane Nutritionist I suggest picking 1 habit at a time and working to improve just that habit.

Week by week continue to improve on each habit.

Now go out and expect success!

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