The sad fact is that there a many unscrupulous Irvine personal trainers, here’s how to avoid them...

“Don’t Even Think About Hiring a
Personal Trainer in Irvine California Until
You Read This Important Information...”

The sad fact is that there a many unscrupulous Irvine personal trainers and here’s how to avoid them...


Zach Hunt here, you probably don’t know me because I’m not an Irvine Personal Trainer, I’m actually a personal trainer up in Spokane Washington.

The reason I’m writing you is that I’ve been a personal trainer for quite some time now and to say I’m shocked by what’s going on in the industry would be a down right understatement.

There are too many personal trainers playing amateur psychologist, too many personal trainers who think they know-it-all, too many trainers who just stand around and count reps and too many trainers who are genetically gifted and on the “juice” and think that whatever will work for them will work for their clients.

It’s because of these kinds of personal trainers that most people never see results when working out with a trainer and the reason why so many people regret hiring one in the first place.

Here’s how to avoid these unscrupulous personal trainers...

Well, luckily for you I keep my eyes out for the best personal trainers in the country and when I find one who stands out head and shoulders above the rest I just have to let you know about it. (Heck, if I do this for you, and you know anyone who lives in Spokane, maybe you’ll refer them to me someday)

Anyhow, when I say Positively Fit Personal Training in Irvine California is the best damn personal training service in that whole state, I say it with every cell of my being.

Now I’ll admit, they’re not for everyone, their workouts can be a little challenging and some people just can’t hang. But if you live in Irvine California, want to get into shape and think you have what it takes I urge you to check out Positively Fit Personal Training at 800-310-5062

Here’s what I like about them:

In fact, check out these amazing before and after pictures of their clients:

Personal Trainer Irvine

And check out these videos of their clients:




Bottom line: If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Irvine CA, call Positively Fit Personal Training at this phone number:


To recap, I’ve literally scoured the planet to find the best personal trainers around, and I can say without a doubt that Positively Fit Personal Training in Irvine is the best not only in Orange County but all of California

Call them at 800-310-5062 and tell them Zach Hunt sent you... and if you’re ever up my way, give me a shout!