Want To Know How To Improve Your Spokane Golfing For Those Spokane Golf Courses?

How To STOP Playing The
Spokane Golf Blame Game

Discover The Little Known And Never Talked About Secret For A Better Spokane Golf Game: A Fitness Plan That Takes Care Of Your Body And Joints!!

I have a questions for you, are you playing the Spokane Golf blame game?

What's the blame game?

Well it's when you think of any possible excuse as to why you are in your current health and fitness condition and why your Spokane Golf game is not doing so hot.

Any excuse that is "out of your control".

Whether it's the Spokane Golf Course that you play on, your time, your genetics, whatever, it's always a way to procrastinate and make yourself feel better.

Almost like you are validated to be in your current condition.

Now, I'm not trying to condemn anyone, or send anyone to the excuse jail. NO

It's just that all too often people think of an excuse as to why they can't get fit or why it just can't happen, even for their Spokane Golf game..

Anything but themselves. It can even be the government or food companies for allowing the foods to be manufactured.

I recently did a radio interview on the Laurie Roth show about this very idea.

You can listen to it in the Spokane Weight Loss Coach Media Room

Just like a favorite quote of mine, "Why do we have to think of all the reasons why it won't work out when all we have to do is think of one reason why it will."

This can apply to that game you play on the Spokane Golf Courses.

If anything is ever going to change in your life, you have to take responsibility for what happens to yourself.

If that means getting in better shape with a Spokane Golf Fitness Plan, then take responsibility for you actions that have an effect on your body.

Eat right, exercise, and expect a change in your body....and in your Spokane Golf game.

That's it!

As a Spokane Weight Loss Coach I can tell you one thing for sure, if you don't do anything you'll very likely be the same 6 months from now or even 6 years.

Just ask yourself, is that what you want to be like 6 months from now, or what do you want your Spokane Golfing to look like 6 months from now?

Then take action to make it happen!! Go here for more golf fitness tips: www.quickgolfsecrets.com

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