What You Should Know About Spokane Gyms Before Joining Any Gym In Spokane....

How To Get In Awesome Shape
Without Any Spokane Gyms

Even If You Don't Have A Single Piece Of Equipment...Even If You Don't Know A Single Exercise...Even If You Don't Know What To Do, You Really Can Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life Without Big Chain Spokane Gym

The other night I was sitting on my soft comfy couch. It was late about 10 PM, and I was watching TV. There wasn't all that much on, that I cared to watch anyway, until I flipped the channel one last time.

What I saw was so entertaining, it was full of humor and deceit, it was extremely popular as well. What was it, let's see.....

“Introducing the revolutionary new Body by Jake Ab Scissor Ultra the real machine that delivers real results in just 4 minutes a day

Are you excited?

I tell you I am. Having a background in Spokane Gyms & Fitness I really enjoy watching an infomercial touting it's various claims.

However, for many people this "Ab Scissor Ultra" could be a pathway to disappointment and discouragement. Not only that, it would be a waste of money and time.

How does this happen, take a look.

“The secret is the Ab Scissor Ultra's patented gravitational linkage system, a biomechanical breakthrough, that creates the perfect synchronized abdominal motion, “The Scissor Crunch”.”

All I can say is wow, Gravitational Linkage, that sounds fancy. Kinda sounds like what you would find in a Spokane Gym.

These infomercial always try to confuse people with their hocus pocus like terminology, this one happens to be the “gravitational linkage”, and they all have their own gimmick.

It almost reminds me of watching an episode of Star Trek when the say something like a quantum phasic converter - it sounds complicated - but it means nothing.

To an average viewer, these breakthrough technologies can sound quite truthful, and like they really are something new and exciting that may be worthwhile.

I'm not here to say that all Ab Gadgets in Spokane Gyms are"completely" worthless, they are just pretty close to it.

They are not needed and usually ordered and used for a week or two then stored in the downstairs closet, until you have a garage sale 10 years later when you find it again.

They can stimulate your abdominal muscles, that is true. A study by the American Council on Exercise confirmed this and stated that....

"Those Ab devices provide no apparent benefit or detriment when compared to a properly performed crunch.

The one we talked about is just one of a plethora of these contraptions. Six Second Abs, Ab Doer, Ab Swing, Torso Track, Ab Dolly, Ab Rocker are some others, just to name a few. While they sound fascinating, they don't look all that snazzy.

You may say, “Hey Spokane Gym And Fitness Expert Zach, what about all those great before and after pictures they show, aren't those real, they must be they always have such excellent results and a dramatic change between the pictures.”

Let's see one such example!!

“I lost 20 pounds, and reduced my body fat by over 14%, I'm happy, I'm really happy.”

I was watching the infomercial and when I was looking carefully - "Let's see, oh, it says,

"Weight loss achieved by lower calorie diet and regular exercise"

But I thought it was from the Ab Scissor, oh well. Not only that, there is other deception involved.

If you look at a before and after picture you often see dramatic changes that seem inspiring.

This is very deceptive, let's look at some common trickery. Here are a few key differences between most before and after pictures.

Before Photo:

  1. Stomach relaxed,
  2. Slouching
  3. Loose fitting clothes
  4. Poor Lighting
  5. Unshaven

After Photo:

  1. Stomach in
  2. Standing up straight,
  3. Form fitting clothes
  4. Good Lighting
  5. Shaved


While I'm sure it would be fun to use some of these devices - I know I would have some fun as a Spokane Gyms Expert - however, it would not be worthwhile as far as Gyms In Spokane are concerned.

They are pretty much a waste of time and money and you are better off to not even join a Spokane Gym and use them even if they were free.

Conventional ab exercises are just as effective and you don't need any special equipment.

Next time you see that late night infomercial for the Ab Eraser XL for 11 easy payments of $12.95, you know what to do, first hide your credit cards, then watch it for the entertainment value.

Want to find out how to avoid the gimmicks?

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