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What are Spokane Pilates? Well, the Spokane Pilates Method is a physical exercising system that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's.

The idea of Spokane Pilates is that this type of exercise uses the brain to control the muscles of the body. The Pilates Method, as it is also known, focuses on the key muscles that assist in keeping the body balanced.

These important muscles make up one of the support systems for the spine.

By doing Spokane Pilates, you will become more aware of your breathing and of the alignment of your own spine.

The ultimate goal out of this exercise system is to strengthen the muscles in the torso even though much more can be achieved by using the Pilates system correctly.

Before I explain the process of the Pilates system, it is important for you to know the history of this revolutionary fitness system. Joseph Pilates invented the system during the First World War in an attempt to improve the mental and physical condition of war veterans.

Over the years since its creation, the Pilates way of exercise has developed into one of the most popular systems in the United States, with over 11 million people practicing the exercise on a regular basis.

There are many principles of the Spokane Pilates system. 

While the exact principles can be debated upon, the general perception is that the principles are as followed: Breathing, Centering, Concentration, Control, and Precision. Each of these principles play an important part in the Pilates system as the full benefits and effects of the Spokane Pilates system are experienced when all of these principles are utilized.

Breathing is a very important part of the Pilates system. 

The founder of the Pilates technique, Joseph Pilates, believed that it was important for the blood to circulate so that the cell waste created by fatigue would be removed from the body. He also believed that the blood had to contain a vast amount of oxygen in order to remove the waste products through breathing.

Due to this fact, the Pilates system is based upon the process of correct breathing. Every Pilates exercise is designed in such a way to provide for proper inhalation and exhalation of oxygen.

Centering is another key aspect of the Spokane Pilates system. 

The Pilates style of exercise starts at the "powerhouse" of the body.  The "powerhouse" consists of the large group of muscles located in the center of the body. Another name for the "powerhouse" is the "core", which is the term that most instructors will use

Basically, the energy generated by the Pilates system begins at the "core" and flows to the other parts of the body as the exercise session continues.

Concentration is yet another important principle of Pilates. Spokane Pilates demands a great amount of focus. From the control of your breathing to the control of your limbs, concentration is vital for a successful Spokane Pilates workout.

The entire Spokane Pilates system is built upon the idea of Control. In order to enjoy a complete Pilates session, you must have the ability to control your muscles.

The movements of the muscles must be controlled and calculated. By doing this, you will reduce the risk of injury and allow yourself to enjoy a more effective workout.  Finally, Precision is another major part of the Pilates system. The body has to be precise in its movements or else energy is wasted. 

The idea of Pilates are to make precise and perfect movements instead of imperfect movements that waste energy and time.

That would be a basic summary of the Spokane Pilates way of life. If you are interested in starting a Pilates chapter in your life, I recommend that you contact a personal trainer to get you stared on the right track.

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