Having A Spokane Wedding? Spokane Wedding Fitness Expert Offers Tips To Look Your Best...

How To Look Lean, Toned AND Sexy
On Your Spokane Weding Day

Attention Spokane Bride's And Bridal Party Memebers. Spokane Wedding Fitness Expert Guarantees You'll Look You're Absolute Best For Your Wedding In Spokane

It's the once a lifetime day - it's your very own Spokane wedding day! The whole day is about you and your Spokane wedding, so why not be in your best body possible?

Show everyone how fit you are - your toned arms, your sexy shoulders and your lean body.

How is this possible? Start with your Spokane wedding fitness plan now so you can look your absolute best on that precious Spokane wedding day.

To get the most from your Spokane wedding fitness plan you'll need to combine 5 elements:

  1. Supportive Eating Plan
  2. Strength Training
  3. Cardiovascular Training
  4. Mental Training
  5. Social Support

Spokane Wedding Part #1: Supportive Eating Plan

Eating the right foods to support your weight loss and toning efforts.

You don't have to make a science out of it. Just eat 5 or 6 quality meals with lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy grains here and there and you'll quickly look your best for your Spokane Wedding.

Spokane Wedding Part #2: Strength Training

Any form of exercise that adds an external load on your muscles, so they can look toned on your Spokane wedding day.

That load can be your body in the form of squats, push-ups, sit-ups, or it can be dumbbells. 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes is plenty to tighten and tone your muscles so you can slip in your dress and look great.

Spokane Wedding Part #3: Cardiovascular Training

Any moderate activity that raises your heart rate for 20-30 minutes. Swimming, jogging, sports, hiking, or any other activity you enjoy.

This will help condition your heart and burn extra calories helping to trim off body fat for you wedding in Spokane.

Spokane Wedding Part #4: Mental Training

A significant portion of Spokane wedding fitness is purely “mental”.

Keeping yourself motivated to stay on track and continue to make progress no matter how discouraged you may get. Staying on track and making continual progress toward your goal, knowing that as long as you keep making progress you will reach your goal and look fabulous on your Spokane wedding day.

Spokane Wedding Part #5: Social Support

Whether it's from friends, family, a coach, church or your neighborhood women's group, research shows that programs which include social support always have better outcomes than those without.

Why is social support so effective – one word, accountability. In one study participants in a fitness program were 22 times more likely to stick with it when held accountable through weekly contact.

When negative stress and pressure drag you down, you can reach out to your support group members for encouragement.

If you're not getting social support for your Spokane Wedding fitness endeavors from your family, you can enlist the support from outside influences such as friends, like minded groups or a coach.

One of my good friends a Newport Beach Personal Trainer has had great success with fitness models and more using these techniques.

The best piece of advice is – start now on your Spokane Bridal fitness plan, and keep going. It may take you 10, 20 or even 30 weeks, depending on where you're at right now.

Aim for 1-2 pounds of “fat loss” per week.

Now mind you this isn't “weight loss”. Anyone can lose several pounds a week of “weight” (mainly water and muscle tissue). That's not what you're after.

That will just cause you to look like a skinnier fat version of yourself on your Spokane Wedding Day.

Losing fat will help reveal your shapely figure so you can look lean, toned and sexy in your Spokane wedding dress.

So if you want to lose 20 pounds, then aim for at least 10-12 weeks to allow for some breathing space in your plan.

Remember, this is a once in a lifetime event - your Spokane Wedding.

Just ask yourself, “how do you want to look on your Spokane wedding day”. Answer that question and then take the necessary action.

If you need help with your Spokane wedding fitness plan or Spokane nutrition plan, hiring a Spokane Fitness Coach or Spokane Personal Trainer can be just what you need to kick start your program and guarantee your fitness success.

And most of all start today and expect success! And when your wedding day comes you'll jump with joy about how your body looks in your wedding dress.

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