Spokane, WA -- December 18, 2006 -- The holidays pose an enormous caloric challenge for most people, often resulting in weight gain, lethargy, depression and more.

"It is awfully easy to ingest a few thousand calories at a holiday party," says Coach Zach Hunt, owner of in Spokane, WA. "Gaining that extra holiday weight doesn't make it any easier to start working out in January." Hunt says, there is a way to enjoy Christmas and New Years and still stay in shape, "The best thing to do is start a fitness program before the new year."

Coach Zach offers these eight basic reasons to try something different this year:

  1. It's much easier to keep fat off than take it off come January.

  2. Avoid the guilt and depression that comes with gaining holiday weight.

  3. Exercise increases energy levels, which gives you more vigor for shopping and quality time with family.

  4. Burning more calories through physical activity lets you eat more with fewer consequences.

  5. High-fat foods strain your heart. Give your "ticker" a happy holiday too.

  6. Nothing causes stress like the holidays. Nothing relieves it like exercise.

  7. New Year's resolutions rarely work. Set a new you resolution.

  8. It sets a good example for the kids.

For more tips and effective weight loss strategies visit for the free report, “Finally...The Truth About Effective Weight Loss And Lasting Fitness: A Comprehensive Study And Action Plan”, to help you get on the fast track to fitness for the new year.

Coach Zach Hunt is a Spokane based fitness expert and weight loss coach. It is his personal mission to improve the health of people by exposing them to the lies of the weight-loss industry, while teaching them the correct way to integrate fitness into their busy lifestyles.

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