Spokane Fitness Professional Blames Halloween For Holiday Weight Gain

Spokane, WA – October 17, 2006 -- Coach Zach Hunt, owner of Physzique in Spokane, knows the holidays can be a calorically challenging time of the year. He advocates heading off holiday weight gain right where it starts, Halloween.

Most people put the emphasis on Thanksgiving and Christmas along with New Year's, but the weight gain challenge actually begins right when the eating festivities begin. Halloween is a time of many candies and treats, but it needn't be a time of expanding waist lines. The overindulgence of sweets during Halloween often leads to poor food choices following the holiday. The holidays should not be used as an excuse to eat poorly and thusly gain weight.

Coach Zach explains, "The candy and other treats are still lingering around the house after the holiday is over, encouraging bad eating beyond just the one day. This behavior can develop into a habit and then the holiday lifestyle follows. People then just put off losing weight until their New Year's Resolution. You need to remember that Halloween is just one day, the eating behavior that is part of the holiday should last just one day as well. To get yourself back on track after the holiday start the next day off with some physical activity and a healthy breakfast. This often motivates you the rest of the day which carries on each day thereafter."

Coach Zach's other tips include:

1 - Only buy enough candy to last a few days, don't stockpile for the whole winter.

2 - Include exercise during the morning of the Holiday to help burn off some of those extra treats you eat later in the day.

3 - Try healthy snacks, they will taste great and be good for you.

4 - Enjoy your treats, and don't feel guilty about over indulging.

5 - After the holiday, donate, or pass on to the neighbors any left over candy.

Coach Zach Hunt is a Spokane based fitness expert and weight loss coach. It is his personal mission to improve the health of people by exposing them to the lies of the weight-loss industry, while teaching them the correct way to integrate fitness into their busy lifestyles.

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