Spokane / Liberty Lake Private Fitness Studio Offers Bold Guarantee

Liberty Lake, WA -- October 30, 2007 -- Coach Zach Hunt is all about fitness. He is the owner of Physzique, Liberty Lake's first private fitness studio for busy professionals and those seeking a better body. Coach Zach not only helps people get fit, he guarantees they will get fit with his 100% Physzique Transform Guarantee.

“People are sick of the hype and misinformation surrounding the weight loss and fitness industry. What most people want is a weight loss and fitness solution that will cut through all the confusion, finally work for them and give them actual results,” explains Coach Zach, owner of Physzique. “What I do is no-nonsense and practical for anyone, and I fulfill my promise regardless of the individual's current fitness level or age, I know what I do works, believe me if I wasn't confident my system worked, I certainly wouldn't offer a money-back guarantee,” said Coach Zach.

Owner Zach Hunt works with clients at his private fitness studio at 1611 N. Molter Rd. using customized programs to fit the individual's fitness goals and their busy schedules. The scope of services the company provides ranges from traditional strength training, body sculpting, and cardiovascular training, to nutritional coaching, and motivational support.

“There really is no excuse. You either want results or you don't. Many people try to use a scapegoat such as lack of time or bad genes, but in the end it just comes down to not committing to a results oriented strategy to follow through with.“ says coach Zach, “A Fitness Coach can help you get past any obstacles and set you straight on the road to fitness. You only have one body and and you should make the most of it by operating at your peak potential with an alert mind and high energy levels." said Coach Zach.

Physzique utilizes a 3 prong approach through the Physzique Transform System. Covering the right nutritional mix, the right exercise mix, and a proper dose of motivation, guidance and emotional support. Having a comprehensive strategy that is planned and thought out ahead of time is key to getting the results you are after.

“All you need is just 2% of your time to take care of your most important asset, your body, that's it. If you can't set aside that little amount of time each week then you need to re-evaluate your priorities,” said Coach Zach

Coach Zach is a fitness leader in the Spokane area. It is his personal mission to improve the health of people by exposing them to the lies of the weight-loss industry, while teaching them the correct way to integrate fitness into their busy lifestyles.

For more information contact Coach Zach Hunt, owner of Physzique directly at 509-279-3336, or via email at or go now to


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