Spokane / Liberty Lake Executives Have A New Option In Fitness

Spokane, WA – February 20, 2008 – Physzique, a private personal training studio in the Liberty Lake area, offers something that area executives and business owners haven't seen before – no crowds, no waiting for equipment and no unwanted stares. This private, by appointment only, fitness studio caters to busy executives by offering a complete health and wellness program: including time efficient workouts, motivation, accountability and nutrition coaching.

“With our executive fitness program: results come quickly because each program is personalized to the needs of today's busy executives and business owners. Today's executives are more crunched for time then ever with relentless business obligations and family needs, they rarely have the time to devote to their health and wellness. They're looking for the same accountability they experience professionally, while receiving a complete program that fits into their lifestyle”, says Zach Hunt, founder of Physzique.

The Physzique Executive Program begins with an initial goal assessment and fitness evaluation session to identify specific goals and any potential barriers to achieve success. This is followed by a nutritional assessment and finally the hard part begins – the workouts. Zach Hunt, a nationally certified fitness specialist provides motivation and expert guidance during every minute of every workout, while receiving the accountability they need to stay with an exercise program. “If they don't show up, I call them. If they try to cancel, I reschedule them immediately, it's about accountability”. says Hunt.

The Executive Fitness Program is a complete system unlike any other which offers the total package (fitness and nutrition) that absolutely guarantees results in minimal time. “I am so confident that we can help busy executives achieve their fitness goals, that I offer an unconditional, better-than-money-back guarantee.” If they don't get results, Physzique will refund their investment and buy them a 3-month membership to the health club of their choice.”

Physzique's Executive Program offers an alternative to the health club experience, by providing a personalized fitness and nutrition program in a private studio. “In our program, there are no excuses, they come here for results and that's what they get”, states Hunt.

Physzique is owned and operated by Zach Hunt, an NSCA certified personal trainer. The Physzique fitness program is built on the three pillars of fitness success. Customized personal training sessions conducted in a private environment, accountability and nutrition coaching. For more information you can visit or call 509-279-3336.


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