Spokane Trans-Fat Phobia May Cause More Harm Than Good

Spokane, WA – January 24, 2007 – It's all about Trans-Fats these days, the recent craze is all over. Several major cities are even taking action to ban the substance from use in restaurants. Unfortunately this recent focus on trans-fats may cause more damage than gain with the average consumer.

“People are confused, they don't even know what trans-fats are, and now its being banned in some places. With all the recent press on trans-fats consumers know they should be avoided, especially with the labeling requirements on packaged food in grocery stores.” explains Coach Zach Hunt, a local fitness expert.

New York has has passed a law that goes into effect in 2008. The law states that restaurants and eateries can no longer add (partially hydrogenated oils) that produce trans-fats in their foods.

Starbucks just announced their plan to phase out trans-fats in their baked goods to make them trans-fat free. A spokesman says “Our focus has always been on providing our customers with healthy and nutritious food options”.

“That's where the trouble comes”, says Coach Zach, “Consumers may feel that it’s OK to eat more of these products now, they're still loaded with junk – it’s just trans-fat free junk! They interpret trans-fat free as fat free. I've seen many advertisements touting trans-fat free, even one with a tagline, No more guilt, our cookies have no trans-fat.”

Many companies are jumping on the trans-fat free bandwagon, with many commercial products in grocery stores claiming trans-fat free. The average consumer needs to be warned, trans-fat free does not mean that a food is good for you. It can still have sugar and fat and be labeled trans-fat free.

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