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There are so many fitness trainers, gimmicks, clubs and other programs that "claim" to produce results. Results are what you're after, right?

I bet you are...

That's why I'm going to show you real proof...


Here are just a small sample of the real-life results that Spokane area residents just like you are getting at Physzique. See what's possible with this incredible fat-loss sytem - "The Physzique Transform System".

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"I lost 4% body fat And 3.5 inches off my waist in just 9 weeks"

personal trainer spokane success story #1"I started to achieve the results right away, the mixture of the cardio, the weights, and the nutrition all together definitely helped. After just the first 2 weeks I could already tell when I put on my shorts that didn't usually fit and they fit...everything else has also started feeling better and more loosely.

What's really cool was the first time I met with my photographer I didn't feel so good cause I wasn't working out and I still needed to lose some fat and after just 5 weeks I saw my photographer again, He noticed a huge difference in me and everyone also noticed a big difference between my photos. I was much happier with the second set of photos."

Nhi Bui Thuy
Realtor / Model
Spokane, WA

"By the 2nd week I could see my body changing..."

personal trainer spokane success story"Thank God, I always had the hope of losing weight and feeling better. At first i thought it would be extremely hard to reach my weight loss and inches lost goals, but by the 2nd week with Zach I could already see my body changing.

Many thanks to my fitness coach Zach, his workouts and strategies have helped me to not only transform my body, but also have much more energy and strength every single day. Thank you so much Zach for all you have done, and for your patience and kindness while we have been working together."

Rosa Figueroa
Don Juan's Tailoring
Spokane, WA


“I needed an expert I could trust...Zach was that expert”

personal trainer success story - fitness spokane

“I've always struggled with my fitness plan in the past. Knowing what to eat, and staying motivated to workout. I heard of Zach from a friend of mine, she talked a lot about his knowledge in fitness and nutrition.

One of my frustrations in the past with other trainers is they really didn't know what to feed your body to get to your goal.
Zach is very well educated on the latest in fitness & nutrition and the science behind it. He has passion in what he does and has inspired me beyond what I could do on my own.”

Watch Lizza's Story Here:


Lizza Osborn
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Spokane, WA


"I've seen pretty dramatic results"

Matt Graupner
Insurance Agent
Spokane, WA

"Gives me a lot more energy"


Ian (Last Name Left Out)
Restaurant Area Manager
Spokane, WA


"It's definitely worth it..."

personal trainer spokane success"At first I was really skeptical, I didn't know was this any different from what I could do on my own...will it be pushing me to where I really want to be or can i just do this by myself...I've always had this stereotype of fitness trainers, just pushing you and being brutal...and that answered my question after our first session...Zach was actually a lot of fun to work with...you have a good time, and get your butt kicked.

My nutrition has gone through the roof from where it used to be...from eating cocoa puffs every morning to actually having a good nutritious meal...it makes me feel better throughout the day, I have more energy...and besides nutrition when you workout it really boosts your self confidence too.
It's definitely worth it...anything to make life more enjoyable which it definitely has that effect."

Hannah Bergman
Spokane, WA


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